My Workouts

All of my workouts are done at home with little to no equipment needed. If you have some hand weights, a kitchen chair, and enough space to move, you can do any of these workouts!

 My workout schedule:

Monday ~ Arms/Chest - Strength
Tuesday ~ Legs/Abs - Strength
Wednesday ~ Rest
Thursday ~Total Body - Arm Intensive
Friday ~ Total Body - Leg Intensive
Saturday ~ Fun Workout!!
Sunday ~Rest

Arm/Chest Workouts

The Right To Bare Arms
Nine Minute Arm Meltdown 
Tank Top Arms
And Then Ten 
ARMed And Dangerous
Jumping the Gun(s) 
Diamond Arm  

Back/Abs Workouts

Break Your Back
50/50 Abs
Ab Circuit 
Super Abs Super Set

Leg Workouts

Lovely Legs
Too Tough For Skinny Jeans
Superwoman's Leg Workout
Crazy Legs
Kicking and Screaming
GNC Power Circuit  (
Elliptical + Strength Training 

Total Body Workouts

Get Low, Stay Low
Double Duty
Guns and Buns
No Nonsense Leg Circuit
Around The World In Thirty Seconds
15 Minute 
11 to 7
Brutal 500 Rep
Leg Circuit
Nature Center Workout 
Beat the Sun Down 

For explanations/pics/videos of any exercise just comment on that post and I will get back with you very soon!

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