Thursday, August 30, 2012

HIIT Arm Workout

Tuesday a friend of mine decided to join me for a workout. I was wanting to do an arm day. Since I have gotten off schedule lately, I feel it in my arms the most. The return of the flab..... Nope. Not happening.

So since I didn't know if she had weights (which she did but only five pounders) I tried to write a workout that would have us switching, so one of us could use my weights while the other did a body weight exercise. I added a set that would have us both using weights but like I said, she did have some that she brought over so it was all good!

The Workout

Set your interval timer for 6 rounds of 30 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. The rest is really only for you to have time to write the number of reps you completed and get in position for the next move. Repeat each set of moves for all six rounds (three rounds for each move) alternating between the two exercises. Take only a short rest in between sets.

Total time - 4min per set. 20 min total (not counting any breaks between sets)

The Dinner

I am kicking myself for not snapping a picture of this wonderful thing I created.

It was a big bowl of whole wheat rotini, steamed mixed veggies, chicken, Italian dressing, and a bit of Italian cheese melted through. Very yummy. And in need of a name. Any suggestions?

Name the Dinner!! Nathan really enjoyed this meal so I think it is something we will be having often. But I don't want to say "yea we are having that chicken pasta thing tonight." So someone give me a name!! =) Be creative.

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