Friday, February 15, 2013

The Interruption

I have to apologize for my huge lack of posting lately!! You can blame the interruption on this.....

Yep. That's right!

I am officially studying for my personal trainer certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine!

Woo hooo!

I have been spending most of my spare time studying. Although I have six months to prepare for the test, my goal is to take it before I move, which looks like it will be in early May. So I am doing 6 months worth of work in 3! And loving it! :)

In other exciting news, The Color Run has one very anxious participant!!

Oh this is going to be great!

My friends and I formed a team so we could get the discounted rate. I highly recommend doing this! You only need three friends to sign up with you and you each get $10 knocked off the registration price!! You don't have to run together or anything, just sign up with the same team name. Oh and by the way we have the best team name ever - Bob Ross And The Happy Little Trees.

I know. Be jelous.

But I can't take credit for it. It was the brilliant idea of Chelsea. Check out her blog for some adventures of a truly creative lady!

My workouts have really gone up in intensity lately and I will be sure to post some soon. Since I take a couple days each week to run, I want to make sure I keep building my lean muscle on strength training days and have been totally killing it! I have gained a couple pounds, but I am not bothered by it. I can clearly see that I am gaining muscle as well as increasing my endurance. Health is not defined by the scale.

The lack of blogging in my life has totally wrecked my habit of taking pictures of everything I eat. But overall I am happy with myself. I have started using to track my food intake and I really love it. I have never been much of a calorie counter, and I still am not. I firmly believe that being healthy is about so much more that calories in vs. calories out. But it has helped me be more aware of portions, and keep a better balance between protein, fiber, and sugar intake. If you are on MFP be sure to look me up and let's be friends!! (amandalhaws)

Here is a little snipit of my eats lately.

Lots of smoothies!! And lots of green things!!

Tuna wraps!! MFP has helped me realize I am not getting the proper amounts of protein for the amount of training I am doing, so tuna has been making several appearances on my plate lately. 

And when we do pizza, this is how we do it! Papa Murphy's Chicken Artichoke on a DeLight crust!! Garlic, artichoke, and bacon, oh my!! It packs a punch of protein and goes light on the carbs. Perfection. I started putting a handful of spinach on top and then warping it up and eating it like a taco!! Even Better!!

Your Turn!!
  • What have you been eating lately?
  • Have you ever done the color run??


  1. I'm interested in this thing...
    Ima look into it! ;) I'm sad we couldn't work out together today :( What about tomorrow? 8) I do work out alone sometimes, but working out with friends is so much better :)

    1. I think you would really like it. And we can be friends! :D
      And YES of course we can work out today! I will text you! Buddy workouts are so much better!