About Me

Welcome to Eat More Rabbit Food!!

My name is Amanda. I am a 24 year old, married, fitness enthusiast. My philosophies of healthy living are based on practical life changes and self-discipline.

My story is one of many (and increasingly more common) childhood obesity tales. By the 8th grade (I guess 13 or 14 years old) I weighed 230lbs+ and wore a size 18 jeans. I really don't know how high my weight got. I didn't weigh myself until I had already lost a dress size. At that point I was just under 230lbs.

It may sound funny, but it took me a long time to realize that my choices of what I ate and how much I moved were making me fat. When you are a young child, you just see that everyone else is skinny. I figured it was the same as me having curly hair when my friend's was straight. I thought it was just the way I was. I had curly hair and extra pounds.

When I started to understand that I could control my weight, I was unstoppable. First, I stopped drinking soda, which had a huge impact! Then I slowly started eating more fruits and veggies and even started 'working out.' I laugh to think about my workouts. I was so uneducated but I was working hard!!

I did every diet in the book. Some worked, but mostly just because none of them allowed me to eat pizza every night (a huge contributing factor to my weight). Most of them weren't healthy, as I now know. But I have learned so much through trial and error.

It has been a slow journey thus far, but I am almost where I want to be. On my wedding day I wore a size eight dress. =)

My goals right now are pretty simple.
  • I want to continue to implement practical, healthy lifestyle changes. If it is not something that I can do forever, it is not something I will do.
  •  I want to be able to do a One-legged squat.
  • I want to loose the last few pounds that are hanging on for dear life. I understand that I will probably never weigh 110lbs. I am okay with that. My goal is not a number on the scale, it is to be fit and healthy. 
  • I want to be able to do fifty pushups, on my toes, without stopping.
  • I want to tighten up my skin. Because of all my weight loss, I have a lot of extra skin. I have spent a lot of money on skin tightening products that don't work and even looked into surgery. Believe it or not, having this much extra skin is painful. But after doing some homework I have discovered the best (and really only) way to get it off is to lift heavy. I have met people who have worked off their extra skin and explained the science behind it. I am very excited to try it for myself!
  • I want to sit down and still have a flat stomach. And yes I check ever so often to see how close I am getting!!
  • I want to see my triceps. Not like 'oh-yea-there-is-a-bump-on-the-back-of-your-arm' kinda see, but the kind where you see that little tear drop just below the muscle.... *dream a little dream* ;)
My husband is a weight lifter and is teaching me a lot. I have been showing him ways to eat healthy and still love what you eat. He has been showing me great workouts that are fun and that get results. So we are good for each other.

We couldn't seem to get our funny/smiling faces on the same page... Oh well!!=)

Why "Eat More Rabbit Food!!"?

Some people see the title of my blog and think I am a vegetarian. Well that is not the case. I am not opposed to it by any means! I just really enjoy meat. I do not exclude anything from my diet (except soda), but enjoy everything in moderation.

I chose 'Eat More Rabbit Food!!' for two reasons. The first is that it is a very simple reminder to myself. I love fruits and vegetables but I don't ever crave them. If I simply ate what I wanted, when I wanted, they wouldn't make it into the mix very often. I have to consciously choose to eat them. So it is a command to myself....

"Self, eat more rabbit food!! Now!!"

The second reason is kind of a confession. I have tried so many different diets and it seems like the more and more I learn about healthy eating the more the circumference of my ignorance grows.

Some people label a recipe as 'healthy' but when I look at the ingredients there are several things listed that I try to avoid. I am sure it is the same when some people look at what I eat. Some people don't eat meat, some don't eat flour, some don't eat dairy........ It seems like everyone has a different idea of what healthy eating really is.

And that's okay!! I am not about to look down on what you choose as 'healthy.' If it's working for you, go for it!

But it seems like they all have one thing in common, rabbit food is a-okay!! I don't think I have ever heard of a diet that tells you not to eat celery or spinach.

So my confession is that I may not know a lot about eating 'healthy,' and my views on healthy eating may change over time. But one thing I feel very confident about, it never hurts to eat more rabbit food!


  1. Very lovely! Love reading these kinds of stories! So glad you are on your way to being your fittest self!