Friday, August 31, 2012

10X10X5 Workout

Hello all!!

Well these past three days have been way too crazy! Ever wonder what 2000+ lbs of mail looks like? Ever wonder how tired you would feel after stuffing, sorting, bundling, bagging and moving said mail?

I don't.

Not anymore!

Whew!! It was an additional 8 hour workout for three days. But I still got in my regular workouts when I got home and let me tell you, they were killer!!

 Tuesday I focused on arms. I wrote a new HIIT arm workout. By the time I was done I literally could not hold myself up in the push up position (even on my knees!!). So I would say I successfully KILLED IT!! Woo Hoo!!

Wednesday I took a day off. But really it wasn't a day off... like I said, 2000+ lbs of mail for 8 hours in heals..... *sigh*

Yesterday's workout was so great! I thought after the first round that I would only make it three rounds tops! But what do ya know, I made it all five (my original goal).

Five rounds for time. 

Whew... was I tired! After I got done I ran around like crazy to get ready to go to Nathan's School. They were having FREE Pizza and Movie night!! Let me tell you a well kept secret, pizza is not healthy, but free pizza is. That's just the way it is.

And the movie was The Princess Bride!! One of my all time favorites! I even mentioned it in a post recently....

Breakfast this morning was half of a bowl of watermelon. Sadly, I was enjoying a very full bowl when I looked up and realized it was indeed time to leave. That second half is patiently waiting for me to return and partake. 

What is your all time favorite movie? I have a few but The Princess Bride definitely makes the top five cut. The Avengers is up there too.....

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