Thursday, July 26, 2012

R.O.U.S.'s or Something Like That

Last nights leg workout was CRAZY!!

I am loving supersets lately. But then Nathan got to looking at my workouts and wasn't impressed that I still had a set number of reps to hit and then I could stop. He is a big believer in RUFs, Repeat Until Failure or Reps Until Failure (it still always makes me thing of R.O.U.S's from The Princess Bride. But, I don't think they exist ;) )

Any who..... I decided to mix them with my supersets for an amazing leg workout. Trust me, I am feeling it today!!

So here is the idea, there are a certain number of reps for each exercise, but not for each superset. Repeat the superset until you cannot do anymore. If this is taking more than three rounds, make it more challenging. For instance, if you are doing squats, add weight, or do jump squats. It is generally pretty easy to make an exercise more challenging. Be creative, but be safe.

So here is what I did last night.

Wooo!! Follow that up with a two mile walk and I was done-zo.....

Yesterday was the perfect weather for a walk. It was hot enough to make me sweat but cool enough that I could actually get oxygen into my lungs, which is always a plus!!

After I cooled down and showered, I made me some eggs with cheese. I desperately need to drag my but to the store. It's good to get protein in after such an intense workout, but I would have loved a salad to go with it. Or at least a side of veggies.... Oh well, it's on the list for today.

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