Friday, September 21, 2012

ARMed and Dangerous

The Workout

Oh do I have a treat for you! A 15 minute upper body workout!! Score!

I don't think you should have to spend an hour a day working out to be fit and healthy. Sure there are days when you need to do your time, but you can also get a challenging workout in just 15 minutes, IF you push yourself!!

This workout NEEDS heavy weights in order to be effective. There are only a few reps of each move and you will likely only make it through this workout 4-6 times. So it is necessary to use the heaviest weights possible.

I will explain the One Leg Crawl with Curl since to my knowledge it is an Amanda Original move.

Start in a stance for a one leg dead lift. Once you reach the ground, drop your weights. While maintaining a one leg stand, crawl on your hands into the plank position, hold for one moment. Crawl back, pick up your weights and return to standing position (the second half of a deadlift). Place both feet on the ground and do 4 reps of bicep curls. This is one rep. Do two per leg before moving onto Chest Flies.

The Dinner

Last night we had my favorite!! TACOOOOSSS!!

Sure it may not be original or super healthified, but sometimes, you just need a taco.


And of course the star of the show....

I heart me some guacamole!!

And I may or may not (but actually did) have a little bit of this....

So worth it...

The Breakfast

Fairly average, nothing special, but oh so yummy peanut butter/banana/honey bowl.....

Day 5

Well, I can't actually tell you about it yet because Nathan hasn't gotten it yet... But stay tuned! It's a good one!!

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