Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Seven Days of Nathan's Birthday.....

Ahh!! Sorry it took me so long to get this post up today.... Crazy day at the office! But it is totally worth the wait!

The Workout

Okay before we dive into the cutesy stuff, we have to deal with business first. After all this is a blog about how much I love my husband health and fitness.

So last night's workout was HIIT Arms Workout. And yes I am taking suggestions on a better name for this awesome workout!

I have upped my weights since last time but other than that I completed as follows.....

Oh man, it kills..... My arms felt like they were going to explode!! It was a good one. Very strength heavy with little to no sweat involved. But that does not mean no results! The opposite in fact!

The Dinner

Dinner was a Peanut Butter Cup Protein Smoothie that I forgot to snap a picture of. Drats.....

The Seven Days of Nathan's Birthday!!! 

Now the good stuff....

Nathan's Birthday is on Sunday but he has to work. So I had originally thought we could just celebrate on Friday. But why stop there? Why not celebrate all week long!?!

Yes. This is good.

So yesterday morning, while he was still sleeping, I oh-so-covertly made this lovely little display....

The note explained "The 7 Days of Nathan's Birthday" and what Day 1 was: Our seven greatest moments.

*sigh* love.....

Then this morning on our front door, I put this.... Day 2!

Sorry for the quality, I was trying to be sneeky.....

Day 2 was a note that said 25 was catching up to him and he looked like he needed a pick-me-up! Then there was a Starbucks gift card so he could go get himself something. =)

Stay tuned for tomorrow's gift!! =) It's especially clever!

Let's talk about it

What was your favorite birthday gift or memory?