Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Too Tough For Skinny Jeans

The Workout

Oh man! Tonight's workout was too good! I couldn't wait to share it with you all!!

If you follow me on twitter (@morerabbitfood) you saw my earlier tweet...

So with that as my inspiration, I wrote the workout "Too Tough For Skinny Jeans!!"

Oh yea!

Oh man it was great! Make sure you are using a challenging weight. It goes quickly so push yourself!!
I used 10 lbs in each hand for Alternating Lunges
10lbs total for squats
10lbs in each hand for Step Ups

I used a 7.5lb plate resting on my lower stomach for Bridges
Body weight for Elevated Leg Lifts
2.5lb plate resting on my foot for Inner Thigh Lifts (you could also use a heavy book!)

I used 20lbs for One Leg Dead Lifts
10lbs for Gorilla Squats (dropped them for the second round)
Body weight for One Leg Wall Sit (more than enough!)

It's only 20/30/60 seconds so be sure you are using the most weight that you can safely lift. The more you push yourself the faster you see results!!

Have a great night all!!!


  1. Great workout! Question-what are gorilla squats?! The name sounds daunting :-P.

    1. Gorilla Squats are terrible!(But kinda great!)
      Basically it is a squat with a little bit wider stand. Lower yourself into a deep squat and tap the ground with your finger tips. Then you will come up but only slightly. Think of it as a 'pulse' up. Then lower and tap your fingers on the ground again. These are also called 'bottom halves' because it is essentially the bottom half of a regular squat. Stay low the entire time! You will feel it! =)