Monday, September 24, 2012

Nature Center Workout

Well I have been postponing writing a new post for the past few days. I have been waiting to get the pictures of Nathan's final gifts and of Friday's big surprise. We had a photographer friend take pictures and I can't wait to see how they turn out! I promise I will write all about it when I have the pictures but until then here is what I have been up to.

The Nature Center

For my fun workout on Saturday, a friend and I went to the nature center. I love being out there! It is so beautiful and well taken care of.

There is so much wildlife out there and they are so used to seeing people around that they don't run away and actually let you get pretty close.

There is a snapping turtle in this photo but you can't see him very well.....

Can you spot him??

We had a great time but we decided to make it very challenging. Introducing The Nature Center Workout!!

Walking lunges across every bridge may not sound hard but the bottom part of the trail floods terribly and so that entire portion of the trail is a 'bridge.' I'm not gunna lie, it was rough. I would say, we lunged for a total of a little less than half a mile. Whoo!! Good stuff!! There are also a lot of benches and by the final one, my pushups were pretty pathetic. But we got after it and it was worth it!!

Birthday Breakfast

For Nathan's actual birthday, we went to breakfast before he had to go to work. Isn't he cuter at 25 than at 24? I think so!

We went to a great little cafe downtown. They serve farm fresh, free range eggs and sweet browns!!

I got the Executive Breakfast which was three scrambled eggs with cilantro and asiago cheese (my FAAAAvorite!) sweet browns and sausage patties. I got extra sweet browns instead of toast and that was a great decision!!

And I have to say, they had great coffee! I am a bit of a coffee snob, but this stuff was great! The said it was Hero's Coffee. Ever heard of it??


Well I've been a bit sicky today. I called in sick to work and have slept most of the day. That combined with Pepto and a bit of chicken soup and I think I will be back to 100% by morning. At least 80%.... I could make it back to work at 80%.
My wonderful husband takes such good care of me. He brought me the good stuff!!


Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


  1. I hope you feel better soon! Get lots of rest :)

    1. Thanks! I think I am over the 'sick' part... Now I am just super tired from being sick! But that's still better =)