Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wrap It Up

I think one of my favorite random little jobs that I do at work has to be wrapping gifts. I work for a religious non-for-profit organization and we give away a lot of gifts. No one else in the office likes to wrap so it usually winds up in my to-do pile. It brightens my day every time!

I switched yesterday's #elf4health challenge with today's challenge. I was supposed to try a new workout today and write a note to someone yesterday. Since today is my rest day I decided to switch them.

I feel like I do new workouts all the time but they do all seem very similar. Since I have just now started working out in a gym, I thought I would take advantage of some of the cardio equipment. I usually focus on strength training so even though an eliptical is far from 'something new', I still say it counts!

It was a great workout but I learned the hard way that 0.25 miles is not equal on every elliptical. My workout buddy was finishing her sprint half as fast as I was! I was a little embarrassed until the last round when we decided to switch. It was most definitely the fault of the elliptical!

So today I will be writing someone a lovely note and I will share it with you all tomorrow.

The Food

I grabbed an apple on my way out the door and threw some greek yogurt in my lunch bag to have for a mid morning snack. Apple for breakfast = hungry Amanda by 9am.

Lunch was a beautiful repeat of last night's Spinach and Pepper Jack Stuffed Chicken! Yum.

Before I left I put some beef stew pieces and teriyaki sauce in the crock pot. I meant to call Nathan after 5 hours and have him turn it off but I forgot. So by the time I got home it was way over cooked. I threw in some fresh pineapple, stir fried some veggies and made a side of brown rice. We ate it, but the beef was very tough. I'm sure if we had turned it off in time it would have been wonderful! So now we know better for next time.

Still looks pretty good though don't it?

Your Turn!!

Do you enjoy wrapping presents? Have you messed up a meal lately?

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