Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Came Early

Yesterday was such a fun day as Christmas is finally in full swing!

This year, I signed up to be an #elf4health. Every day there will be a new challenge and I have been buddied up with another blogger to help stay motivated through the challenging holiday season.

Yesterday was #nomeatmonday. To be honest, I didn't fulfill the challenge in it's entirety. I am a big advocate of eating lots of green veggies but I didn't want to completely eliminate such a great source of protein on a workout day. Especially since I was unprepared to supplement my diet with non-meat protein.

I did stick with a meat free breakfast and lunch. I scrambled up some eggs with broccoli and packed up a beautiful feta cheese salad for lunch.

Take a good look at that photo because that is the last crappy photo you will ever see on this blog! (hopefully ;)

Cuz when I got home, Christmas had come early!

I promise I was a lot more excited than I look in this picture! 

Yup. I got me a brand spankin new camera! I spent so much time last night playing around with it and learning all of the cool little features. Cameras sure have come a long way since I bought my last one.

What a great husband!


Dinner was by no means meat free. I am okay with that. I understand the benefits of going a day or two without meat, but like I mentioned, I was unprepared to do so. So I felt like a little bit of meat was necessary.

I wanted to incorporate green veggies into every meal. So we had Spinich and Peper Jack Stuffed Chicken. It was amazingly moist and flavorful!

 Oh so yummy!

The  Workout

 After a killer round of HIIT Arms, I got out my throw blanket and cuddled up on the couch and watched some Avengers! 

 You maybe thinking, "Gee, is she going to post pictures of every little thing now?"

Well in short. Yes. At least for a little while!

Let's Talk About It

Do you get/give Christmas gifts early? If you are a blogger, do you post a lot of photos?

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  1. Yay for a new camera! I've been wanting a new camera myself for a long time, but the one I want is going to be a HUGE investment...
    Have fun using it and good luck on your healthy eating challenges.