Friday, October 26, 2012

Nine Minute Arm Meltdown!

The Workout

I am not one of those people who think you need to spend an hour in the gym everyday in order to be fit. Far from it!

First of all, that is just unrealistic. I don't have an extra hour every day to workout, plus the time there and back, plus the extra time to get cleaned up and ready for the rest of my day (especially since I workout in the afternoon).

Second, I have been to the gym with people who take an hour (or more!) and honestly, I feel like I can get the same workout by pushing myself 10x harder for a shorter amount of time.

So with all of the craziness of my current life, I needed a quick arm workout last night. This one did the trick!

Be sure to use a challenging but manageable weight. Three minutes is a looooong time and the goal is to not stop and never take the tension off of your muscle.

I have been doing curls with 15lbs but I went with 10lbs so that I could complete the entire circuit. A workout buddy mentioned upping her weights but I recommended that she wait for another workout to do that. She said after the first minute that she was glad she waited!

I completed Tricep Extensions with 15lbs, Kickbacks with 5lbs and had to substitute the Pull Downs for more Extensions due to lack of access to the cable machine.

I did my pushups on my knees, Shoulder Press with 10lbs (which was very challenging after having already completed the following planks...)10lbs for Chest Flies and 5lbs for Lateral Raises.

The proof? My arms are so sore this morning! I love that feeling! 

Before working my arms I completed Tina's Plank Challenge. 
Although the challenge is to workout Wednesday and time your planks Monday and Friday, Wednesday is my rest day so I saved it for Thursday and I will time my plank on Saturday.

It was much harder than I thought it would be but I feel the soreness this morning so I know I got a great core workout!

Pitiful Dinner, Beautiful Breakfast

Last night's dinner was just annoying! I made Nathan some Chicken Alfredo before I went to workout but I knew I didn't want anything that carb- heavy. So I made and extra chicken breast before leaving for the gym and decided I would figure out what to do with it when I got back.

After a workout, house cleaning, and some random packing, I just wanted something quick and easy! Thank goodness the chicken was already cooked!

Since 2:30 minutes is too long to wait, I finished off the last of the Greek Yogurt while I microwaved my chicken.

Then I had my chicken with a bit of Bar-B-Q sauce. Nothing fancy, nothing extremely balanced, just protein to recover and food to make my stomach happy!

Good enough for me!

Breakfast was considerably better. I haven't had eggs for a long time and their return was very warmly welcomed.

I was running late so I wound up taking the orange with me to finish on my way to work.


How long are your normal workouts? Do you ever eat in the car on your way to work? (I do way too often)

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