Tuesday, September 4, 2012

And Then Ten

Happy Labor day to all!!

I hope everyone had fun!!

The Workout

Today I did a new workout. It was based off of the RUF idea (Repeat Until Failure) from past workouts, but then had a challenge tacked on at the end.

Here's the idea; complete each exercise with a challenging weight until you physically cannot lift the weight (or yourself) up any more. If you can do more than 20 reps, up your weight. Then take a breather and stretch the muscle you just tortured. And Then Ten. Yup. That's right. Do ten more reps. This workout is only good for those who are good at pushing themselves. If you tend to give up when it is hard, do not do this workout. Instead, try something with a minimum rep goal. You get out what you put in!! Give it your all!!

 It was very low impact so I also walked a couple miles after I was done. It was super hot out and I got the sweat I was hoping for.

The Dinner

Some friends invited us over for dinner tonight. We had a good time and great food!! Grilled fish, brats and asparagus!!

It was oh-so-good!!

What did you do for Labor Day??

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