Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Top Treats Tuesday! #1

It's time for  a new weekly themed post!

I want to take time to share with all of you the little ways that I treat myself through out the week.

I am a firm believer in practical and balanced health. I never want to feel like I have to deprive myself of the things that I enjoy in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I believe in working hard and treating myself! Some treats are healthy, and some not so much. But instead of feeling the need to sneak them in here and there, I choose to celebrate my treats! To use them as a way to pat myself on the back and say keep going!

These are my Top Treats of this past week....

  • A new phone! Well really it is Nathan's old phone. But he got a new one and I got his old one! It's so much cooler than mine was! Plus he 'rooted' it so now it has the newest operating system! So it's even cooler than his new one! (kind of)

  • Braum's Peppermint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. Oh yum. I bought this a week ago and I am about half way through it. So I am at least pacing myself.

  • Low maintenance hair. I guess this is more of a trick than a treat (see what I did there?? ;) I have been using the no heat sock curl in my hair. Quick, easy, and pretty. Love it.

  • An extra half hour of sleep. That's right! I have officially moved my alarm to half an hour later. Thanks to the above mentioned hair trick and my new checklist, I have been doing most things at night before bed and allowing myself to sleep a little later. Ah, bliss.

  • Leadership Retreat! The whole weekend was such a treat! Nathan usually works on weekends and I work during the week so we hardly ever get to spend any time together. It was just a lot of fun. 

  • Yoga before bed. Yep you heard right. I have found a wonderful yoga/stretch routine to do right before bed. It feels wonderful and has been whisking me off to sleep.

What have you done this week to treat yourself?

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