Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Get It Done!

The Dinner

Last night I got into a fall mood and cooked up a beautiful dinner that had the whole house smelling amazing!

Some pork and apples

And some roasted cabbage


The List

I am such a list person! I get overwhelmed and stressed out very easily. But even just making a list calms me right down. Even if there are a million and one things on it, just knowing what I have to do and listing them in the order of the most important, helps me feel like I have a handle on things! (Even if I really dont!)

So with life getting hectic and my workouts and eating going downhill slowly, I thought, What better way to jump start my motivation than a list?!

So.... I present to you my 'Make Sure Everything Gets DONE List"

(great name right?)

I made cleaning a huge part of this list because for some reason I feel like I can't workout or take the time to prepare healthy meals if the house is dirty. And strangely, nothing puts me in a workout mood like a neat and tidy home! So knowing me, I made sure that I put that in there too.

I broke the 'Weekly Tasks' up so that I am only doing one per day. This way, even if the dust bunnies are on their third generation (they multiply like bunnies!!), I know that it will happen on Thursday so I can go ahead and take the time to workout.

My "Eating Score" is based off a point based reward and consequence system. I start every day with 15 points. I earn points by doing good things (working out, drinking 8 glasses of water, etc.) and deduct points for bad things (had a cookie, watched 2+hours of TV, etc.) I keep track of it on my phone.

 I called it my 'Eating Score' because I am thinking of changing that system to track only eating and not other healthy habits. But I may keep it or go back to it so I wanted a flexible title.

I am really excited about my new system and I think it will go a long way with a personality like mine! I already can't wait to start checking things off!! (I know I'm super lame ;)

Are you a list person? Have you started making any great fall recipes?


  1. I am definitely a list maker - I am currently working on my packing list for my 2 week trip and it's huge! whoops!

    1. Lists are so great for packing! It eliminates that 'I know I forgot something' feeling!

  2. I love making lists!!! I am the same way it sounds--easily anxious, but making a list always helps calm me down. I love the way you made your daily cleaning list!

    1. Thanks! It is really working well for me! It is crazy how much it motivates me to workout and fix healthy meals!