Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Workout Spot

Well if you follow me on instagram (haws7211) you have already seen this terrible picture I took on the way to work this morning while at a red light (and technically not driving!)

Not to get political on such a fun loving blog, but this made me laugh! And it is very fitting after the debate last night. Each side had their moments, I 'm not dogging on anyone in particular. I just think next year they should get that lady from Nanny911 to be the babysitter moderator. I would pay money to see that! And she is English so she would actually be impartial!!

Okay enough of that.....

The Dinner

Last night I was super duper lazy. If you haven't heard by now, We have been living in Nathan's great-aunt's house while she was in the nursing home, to help take care of things. Well, she is out and has moved in with Nathan's mom and the house we are in now is sold. So we are not only moving all of our things, but hers too. Right now it kind of feels like living in a rummage sale. Everything has been taken out of closets and spare rooms and the attic and put in various piles around the living room, dinning room and kitchen. So I have lost all motivation to cook.

Leftovers come in hand on these kinds of days.

I mixed up some leftover spaghetti squash and mixed stir-fried veggies. Pretty de-lish! 

The Workout

Well as we are in the process of moving, I have decided to go ahead and start using the gym at Nathan's school. Yesterday was my first venture over there. I met up with some friends and we started our workout. 

I have no idea what the school is thinking with that gym. I am not a complainer (especially when it's free) but that was terrible. It has been getting cooler here and so they had NO air on. None. Even though afternoons are still 74+. They even had the huge fans that are at the top of the wall to pull out hot air, but the were off.  Why would you do that?? It wasn't even just that it was too hot in there. It was that there wasn't any oxygen!! Kind of important stuff ya know??

Well anyway, it wasn't pretty but we made it.

We did three rounds of Double Duty.

In the second round, while doing the Star Crunch Plank, I heard an unwelcome noise. There was a pop in my right shoulder right where the collar bone connects. And follow pain. 

That with the lack of oxygen made me instantly nauseous. I stepped outside for a minute to breath and then dragged myself back in. I still did the third round but I omitted any move that put pressure on the area. I did some variation while my workout buddies soldiered on. It hurt for most of the night, but it feels okay this morning. I will probably back off of shoulders for the next few days and then work on strengthening the area slowly so that doesn't happen anymore. Don't neglect shoulders!! You need them for a lot of other moves!!

Well that's all for today. But I just can't help myself, I have to tell you that there is going to be something a little extra special up tomorrow! Ah! So excited! 

How do you avoid injuries? What was the worst gym experience you have ever had?

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