Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Sad, Little Lunch

How do you know it is time to go grocery shopping?

Well, maybe when this is your lunch....

People, this is nothing more than a side salad! And not a very good one at that. All we had was lettuce, cheese and a very small amount of Italian Dressing. 

So lunch was small and cold on this fall day.....

Luckily my office provides little snack items. So I grabbed an apple. But the thought of one more cold and uncooked thing did not appeal to me. But rather than toast a Pop-Tart (which the office also provides) I made my apple into a warm treat.

I sliced it up, put just a tiny bit of butter on top, sprinkled some cinnamon on top and popped it in the microwave for 30 seconds. 

Warm, sweet, cinnamon-y. Can't go wrong. =) 

I will also have to add an item to my grocery list. I noticed today that this lovely fall arrangement that sits on my desk is lacking a candle!

That is just completely unacceptable!! Especially considering the abundance of pumpkin scented everything! I could be sitting here right now enjoying the lovely sent of pumpkins spices as I type away......

Yes. This must happen.

What is your favorite scented candle? Do you decorate for fall?

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