Monday, October 22, 2012

Leadership Retreat

Happy Monday!!

Whew! This weekend wore me out! Can I have a vacation from my vacation??

At the begining of this school year, Nathan and I were approached about being on the student council for the married community of CBC (Central Bible College). The council is known as Cord, and we were very interested in the position of Hospitality Coordinator. We would be responsible for welcoming new married students or students newly married, as well as welcoming any new additions (babies!!) to the families on our campus. But there was a lack of a Vice President for the year so we decided to step into that roll instead.

So this weekend we headed to Cross Point Camp and Retreat center for a leadership retreat.

The drive up there was a lot of fun! We saw this on the way which made me smile. If you follow me on instagram (haws7211) then you have already seen it.


I have so many wonderful memories at this campground! I have been here every summer since I was eight years old!! I have been a camper, a worker, and even had our wedding reception here!!

One less-than-wonderful memory has to be the camp food..... Ugh....

I once worked here for two months straight. I tried to buy food and bring it but I usually had to cave in and eat the camp food anyway.

Oh man. I am telling you, that was not taco meat.

But the rest of the meals were pretty good. They weren't the average feed-800-kids-in-an-hour meals.

And they even busted out a salad bar! Well, sort of....

Not too shabby!!

Friday a few of the other married ladies and I got together during free time and in the very same spot where I had my first dance as Mrs. Haws, we had ourselves a workout!!

We cooled down for a bit and then decided to get cleaned up and then meet up for a boat ride. It was a beautiful day for it! I love the changing colors of fall!!

This is why the Camp is called Cross Point. There is a little 'amphitheater' here where we had an outdoor service. It was a bit chilly but we weren't there for very long so it wasn't too bad.

I love that in this picture you can see at least three other people taking pictures.... Thank you smart phones!!

Well, after a week of food, fun, and friends, I am grateful to be back in the swing of things. I could have used a bit more sleep to recover but that will come in time. And I had to watch a very ugly baseball game last night. Oh Cardinals, why make everything so dramatic?

Hope you all had a great weekend! Thanks to Tamatha for guest posting while I was away! Be sure to check out her post and leave an encouraging comment!

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