Tuesday, October 23, 2012

All or Nothing

The Workout

I have noticed a consistent theme with my workouts lately. See, a few months ago a couple new friends found out how much I workout and decided to join me when their schedules allow. Word got around and now there are quite a few ladies who enjoy following my workout schedule and my routines.

I have to say, it has been a blast to work out with them! At first I was a tad (okay, a TON) nervous. I don't like going to the gym to workout and I didn't think I would like working out with other people around period. But the energy and motivation makes workouts go by so quickly and easily! There is also an accountability that is priceless. If it is just me working out and I decide (in the middle of the workout) that I don't want to do anymore. I may just quite and call it good. But if other people are there, there is never even a question of finishing. I have really come to depend on that. Maybe a bit too much.

The 'theme' lately has been all or nothing. With schedules so busy, it seems like either everyone shows up, or no one does. There have been a lot of days when I know ahead of time that no one will be coming. And now that I have become so used to having them there, it is much harder to get my workout in.

Last night was one of those nights. I knew I would be flying solo, and I almost talked myself out of doing anything. I was so surprised at myself! That would not have happened in the days before the group workout! I would have just done it. End of story.

So, I am now looking for a happy balance between taking advantage of the energy and motivation of a group workout without depending on it. Everything comes down to balance right?

Well, I found that balance at least for a night. I completed HIIT Arms Workout.

My weights have gone up to 15/10 lbs. And I have permanently replaced lateral raises with a move Nathan showed me. I don't know what it is called but it focuses on the mid-deltoids. So any move you know that targets that area would be fine.

The Dinner

I'm sure you are probably tired of seeing this meal on here but what can I say, it's a favorite. And actually last night Nathan requested it. So I blame him. :)

And lunch will be more of the same... It just never gets old.

The Breakfast

This is getting a wee bit old however.... I just needed to use up the bananas before they go bad. Then its time to change things up for a while...

Let's talk about it

Do you workout with others or solo? How do you motivate yourself on those I-just-dont-wanna days?


  1. Reading some "fitspiration" and blogs ALWAYS puts me right back on track! I can really psych myself out if I just remember how great it feels once I've finished a good workout!

    1. I have to remind myself of that feeling too!! And blogs are so motivating!! Seeing someone else #getafterit always helps!