Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Second Thoughts Tuesday....

So yesterday I had the brilliant idea to implement Mean Green Mondays!! Every Monday I would eat only fruits and veggies and drink my Mean Green Juice. After spending the day with this goal in mind, I realized I had some concerns.

So while on my break, I ate an apple, read the funnies, and made some choices.

First of all, I always say that I only make changes that I can continue long term. I really don't like spending a day eating this way. And I don't think it is practical to think that I will do this consistently.

Second, I was so tired all day. I have done the juice fast before and I highly recommend it. But I do know that the first two days were so hard. You feel terrible and then you feel great! But just doing it for one day will only ever get me to feeling terrible.

Third, I want to make changes that others can apply to their lives as well. Not everyone has or wants a juicer. They are kind of expensive. I want to do things that anyone could do.

 So the verdict is to cancel Mean Green Mondays!! And the peasants rejoice!

So while I will still incorporate juicing into my eating habits, I will only juice 2-4 meals a week. I will find creative ways to add fruits and veggies to my everyday eating and share with all of you.=)

What are some diet/workouts that just don't work for you? What have you done to overcome them or work around them?

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