Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Introducing Charlie!!

Yesterday's workout felt great! If you have been following along, you know that yesterday was arms and chest. Let me tell you they are both jello this morning. But the good kind=)

I did two rounds of Tank Top Arms substituting both rows for chest flies since I knew I would do back today. I didn't get much cardio in though. I work out at home instead of a gym and it rained yesterday (finally!). I tried to do jumping jacks and high knees for a while, but just got bored with it. But today is clear skies with a high of 90* (not bad at all) so I will venture out on a walk/jog/run at some point

Last night's dinner was good old spaghetti. Not the healthiest but when the hubby cooks, you don't complain.

This morning has been very healthy! Two eggs for breaky, yogurt for my mid morning snacky, and green juice is ready for lunch!! Yay me!=)

Now for the big news!!

I would like you to meet Charlie. (and my shoes)

AHhhh!! He is so stinking cute!!

These where the only two pictures that I could get him to stay still long enough to take.

I'm not very familiar with dog breeds. What do you think he could be?

 Look at those cute little ears!! I'm in love <3

My husband works overnight some nights as a security guard. He found this little guy wondering around at five in the morning. The poor thing was so dirty and hungry. 
So he called me up (at 5am) and asked what I was doing..... Oh ya know, just hunting elephants. Oh wait no I was sleeping! Yeah that's it.....
But he told me we had a new puppy so I went and picked him up. After two baths, two hours of brushing, and several dozen ticks later, this is the beauty we ended up with. 

I am shocked at how well trained he already was. He has not gone potty in the house even once!! He just stands at the back door when he needs to go until we go open it. He doesn't jump up on us or lick us in the face (unless you say 'kisses') and I have only heard him bark once. He understands 'no' and is already starting to respond to his name. I am impressed! 

All the good behavior made me think he was someone's lost puppy. So we have been looking for his owner. But I don't think we are going to find them. He was clearly on his own for a long time. And with no collar, I am inclined to think that he was someone's but he was intentionally abandoned. Their loss!!

Well, today is ab and back day. I love the back workout I did Friday so that one will be on repeat today. I have a new ab workout that should be very challenging. I will post it after I have made some modifications. Maybe I will take Charlie on a walk/jog/run with me today! I will have to get a leash first. Man, he is cute but he is expensive! 

Discussion Question:

Do you think pets help you to live an active lifestyle?

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