Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Goodbye Charlie

Oh yes. It happened.

Charlie's (or should I say Smoochie's) owner found us.

And oh how I cried.

We really didn't think he would have an owner looking for him since it looked like he had been on his own for so long. But it turns out he was a farm dog and outside all the time. Hence the ticks and burs and the fact that he looked like he hadn't been brushed in forever.

We asked the lady to prove that she was the owner. She told us to point our finger at him like it was a gun and yell "BANG!" We did and he dropped 'dead' every time. He was seriously the best dog ever.

But he is gone now. Back to life. =(

Yesterday's workout was good, not great. I was feeling so sluggish all day. I did one round of Tank Top Arms and so badly wanted to quit. But I did another one (barely). I don't know why it was so difficult. I usually do two or three rounds. But I was just so tired. I also didn't do any cardio. Which is why I say 'good not great.'

I have hit a rut with my cardio lately. So I decided to download a Couch to 5K app for my phone. Any suggestions? (I have android) I feel like the daily goals will be the motivation I need to push myself.

I am not a big fan of running but I am even less of a fan of going to the gym. The only gym around here that we can afford is basically a singles bar with treadmills. Okay so that is not entirely accurate. They have great equipment and awesome classes, but the people who come kind of creep me out.

So I choose running over going to the gym. The lessor of two evils.

What is your least favorite means of working out?

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  1. That dog sounds completely fabulous. I am so sad you had to give him back (even though I'm a dog owner and I'd freak out if I lost one). LOL.