Monday, July 16, 2012

Mean Green Monday

I am not bothered much by the ever faithful Monday Morning. Honestly, Wednesdays are the worst for me. I usually take the weekends pretty slow so I am rested and ready to go by Monday! Then after two days of running, running, running, I am ready for another day off. I think if I ever just work four days a week, I would want Wednesday off.

Any who..... I think it is going to become a consistent thing for me to not blog at all on the weekends. Right now I am blogging from my work computer (don't worry it's allowed) but for some reason my laptop at home won't let me edit pages. I can do everything else but make or edit a post. Any one know what's up with that?? Help is appreciated.

But this weekend really was great! We had a mini and impromptu birthday party, which basically means we showed up at Nathan's Aunt's house with cupcakes. Then we had a trip to the hospital to visit Nathan's mom, not so fun but everything came back positive (Praise the Lord!). And then we found a problem with the repairs we just got on the truck. We paid $700 for $2500 worth of work (again, Praise the Lord!) but when one tiny little bolt with stripped threads decided to fall off, the truck instantly transformed into a death trap. Luckily I have a very capable hubby who got it fixed. The thing drives like new now!!

But the weekend is over and life starts full force! I am not looking forward to this week. Nathan works different hours than usual and he will be leaving for work about an hour after I get home every day! Poopy. But extra hours are always helpful. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming......

This morning I was struck with a lightning bolt of genius! The weekends are the hardest time for me to stay on track with my eating habits. So what better way to jump back into the deep end than a Mean Green Fast?

So now every Monday will consist of fruits and veggies only, with at least one glass of Mean Green Juice

I have already ruined this Monday with breakfast and coffee, but I hate the idea that you have to start at a certain time. I know people who will decide to 'diet' on a Wednesday, but they insist that they should wait to start until Monday. Or if they have already ruined a day, they think it is fine to eat whatever they want for the rest of that day. I try not to do that. So instead of waiting until next Monday, I am going to finish the rest of the day as a Mean Green Monday. But first I am going to finish my coffee. =)

What is the hardest day of the week for you??

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