Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Would You Rather?? Wednesday!! #2

That's right! Its time for another round of 'Would You Rather?' Wednesday!!


Fitness and clean eating mean so many different things to different people. And I just love to hear people talk about preferences weather it be food, fitness, or just fun!! Ready? Go!

Would you rather.....

  • Lift heavy with few reps? Or light with lots of reps?
  • Work out at home? Or at the gym?
  • Cut carbs? Or eat whole grains?
  • Have a dog? Or a cat? =)
  • Travel to family for Thanksgiving? Or Host at your home?
  • Sleep in late? Or go to bed early? 
I like lifting heavy with few reps. I can get it done much faster and I have personally seen better results!
I love working out at home! Although since moving onto campus, I have been using the campus gym to workout with friends. 
Cut carbs. I have found that to be the only way to shed those lbs around my hips and thighs!
I'm not really a cat person... :)
Host! When we have a place that's big enough. I love to cook and have people over!!
 Oh... umm... both?? Mostly I go to be early cuz I work in the mornings. But even on the weekends I am up by 8 or so. I'm not too good at sleeping in anymore.

Okay your turn!! =)


  1. Lift heavy
    both? catdog?
    host at home :)
    once again both. I am le grandma.

    Thanks for these! they are quite fun!

    1. Thanks for participating! That makes it much more fun for me too! =)

  2. Lift heavy, I think...
    Workout at home because it's cheaper
    Definitely whole grains
    Both! They each have their pros & cons
    Host at home, I HATE traveling. Plus, better control on the menu this way!
    I like waking up early, but I work midnights... so I'm just going to say I want to sleep and whatever time it is wil have to do!

    1. I am with you on working out at home to save money! I can pinch a penny like nobody's business!!