Thursday, July 5, 2012

Back on the wagon

Okay so I haven't posted anything in a few days.... okay like five. Thanks for the butt kicking.

But I had a great vacation with my great husband to celebrate the first year of our wonderful marriage!! I did not diet or exercise for three days!! Happy Anniversary to me!! But now it is time to jump back on the self discipline bandwagon.

Today's goals are basically to kick my self in the rear. Time to get things back in high gear!!


#1. Work Out. 2-3 rounds of Tank Top Workout plus 15-20 min of cardio.

#2. Juice for lunch.

#3. Eight Glasses of water

Okay. Let's see if this gets me back on track.=)

Post Script.
I am looking for a great 30 day fitness challenge. I think this would be a great time for me to do one. Life is 'slow' (ish) for the next month, so I feel like I will have time to dedicate to it. I want something that focuses on strength training. Anyone know of a good one?

Did I meet my goals??

#1. YES!! It was late and I almost didn't, but then I did! Such a good feeling.
#2. YES! =)
#3. Yes. This goal isn't very difficult for me anymore. I may stop including it as a daily goal. But I will always aim to drink this much water every day.

Grade for the day, 100% =)

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