Friday, June 29, 2012

The Long and Short of it

Okay, so I don't wear shorts. Well, I do, but I wear the kind that hit my knee caps. Or, as Nathan calls them, lazy capri's.

But we are going to St. Louis for our 1st Anniversary (yay!!) and we will be spending all day at the zoo.... in 106* heat. I'm. Buying. Shorts.

So I get to the store and find the pair I'm looking for. I absentmindedly picked up a size 8 (the size I wear in dresses, I have big hips so jeans are less forgiving and I end up in a 10). When I got into the dressing room, I held them up and realized they weren't going to fit. I figured I would try them on anyway, mostly to determine if I could get into a 10 or if I needed to brave a 12.

Wait. What?!?!?

I cannot tell you how happy I was. It wasn't even like they were tight! They were comfortable, didn't give me a muffin top, and didn't make my legs look like the widest part of my body!! I bough em. =)

I wish I could show you a picture of me 60+ lbs ago. This is some serious progress for me. And yes, my legs are that pale. They never see the sun, it's not their fault. I realize these are still pretty long for shorts. But I am also a modest person. No matter how great my legs ever look, I wouldn't wear shorts that were too much shorter than these. Maybe a little, not a lot.

What a great feeling! And what great motivation to keep going! Holding up a pair of jeans that you are positive will not fit you, and then they do!!

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