Thursday, July 5, 2012

Eggs and Oatmeal, No Eggs and Oatmeal

One thing I will say that I did well on my vacation was breakfast. I am a firm believer in a high protein, high fiber breakfast to keep you full all morning. Almost every morning on my vacation I made myself two eggs and a bowl of oatmeal. This is probably the only reason I did not gain weight this past week. That plus all the water and walking.

Anyway, I am not back in my normal swing of things just yet. I did not oversleep this morning but I was getting ready much slower than normal so there was no time for breakfast. I did get my juice made for lunch and I grabbed an orange which I plan to eat on my first break (in about two minutes yum!!). But from now on, a healthy breakfast is a priority for me.

So today's breakfast is a cup of coffee and an orange. I also saw some peaches in the break room. If they are free game I am all over that! They are the good kind too, not the wal-mart kind =). I'm a bit of a fruit snob.

Okay lunch was a mean green juice!! Yay me!

*Dinner was a meat, rice, enchilada type thing. It was good! Not so good for you though......

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