Saturday, December 8, 2012

Juicing - Pros and Cons

Yesterday's eats drinks were basically the same as Friday's. Since I wouldn't be doing this for long, I didn't buy a wide variety of veggies and fruits. You can get very creative, but I didn't.

I did snack on some frozen fruit while watching Nathan eat Chinese. Sometimes you need something to chew on.

So let's breakdown some pro's and con's of juicing.


These are very self explanatory. Of course if you are taking in this many nutrients, there will be many healthy side effects. Even more than what I have listed here.

  • Detox.
  • Loose weight.
  • More energy.
  • Reduce cravings for unhealthy foods.
  • More muscle growth.


These will vary from person to person. But they are some things to consider before trying a juice fast.

  • Less social interaction. Food is a social thing. And if you aren't eating it, you won't want to be around it, or the people who are. People with very strong determination can handle it, but if it is your first go-round, just stay home and enjoy some 'me' time.
  • Feeling 'Hungry'. I can honestly say I have not felt hungry at all. But since I never actually eat anything my brain always says I am. These are good moments to have a celery stick or a banana. I juice to increase my intake of fruits and veggies. So eating them is fine too, as long as I juice at least once per meal.
  • People will think you are crazy. I've gotten weird looks, strange questions, and been accused of being to extreme. But people always ask you why you do it, then they ask how you did it! Plus, if you work, you will be carrying around a bunch of cups. Which just looks strange.
Lunch, Breakfast, Water.
  •  Less Energy. Yes I know I put "More Energy" as a pro. But the first day (maybe two  if you need a detox more than most) you will feel pretty sluggish. It goes away quickly though and you have tons more energy than normal!
  • Caffeine Headaches. It wasn't so bad for me this time as I have slowly been decreasing my coffee consumption. But the first time was awful!! My body was so dependent on it. I had a small headache yesterday but hardly even enough to mention. It just depends on how much caffeine you normally have.
  • Cleaning The Juicer. It's really not that bad. And it is actually fewer dishes than making a meal. I just really hate doing it. So again, this may just be a personal con of mine.
 Overall I truly believe the Pro's out weigh the Con's. If you are thinking about doing a juice fast 'reboot', I recommend three things;

  1. Watch Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead. It's free on Hulu.
  2. Start slow. Borrow a juicer, try adding a glass to each meal. Then use it as a meal replacement a few times. Then try your fast.
  3. Get support. The first time I did a juice fast Nathan did it with me. I do them alone now but I know I wouldn't have made it the first time if I didn't have someone to talk to about it. It will kind of consume your thoughts so it's best to have someone around going through the same thing.

If you have any other questions or comments feel free to contact me at or comment below! I would love to help in anyway I can!

I am not a registered dietitian. Consult your physician before beginning any diet regimine. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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