Friday, December 7, 2012

Green Juice

I am happy to report that day one of my 'reboot' went beautifully!

This morning I busted out the juicer and got to work!

 I juiced an apple and a big slice of fresh pineapple to use in a breakfast juice/smoothie.

I threw it in the blender with some frozen mixed fruits (mango, peach, pineapple and strawberry) and mixed it up! I added some spinach for a nutrient boost. It made it much less pretty but the taste was still to die for! This is my favorite part of rebooting.

I juiced my lunch and packed it to-go. I used half of a cucumber, a huge handful of spinach, four stalks of celery and another apple.

This was almost full when I started. Sure, I got some strange looks. But people always ask you why you do it before they start asking you how you did it!

We had some friends over for dinner so I made them the Philly Cheese Steak Dinner that they had been wanting to try. Even with that heavenly aroma filling the air, I decided to finish what I had started and made another juice like what I had for lunch.

I even gave some to my friend to try. When I handed her the small glass of green, frothy, juice, I could tell she had her doubts. But she said she was very surprised at how much she liked it!

You might be surprised too if you have never had any. If you get the opportunity, give it a try!

Tonight's workout was pretty rough. The first day of a reboot is no indicator of the amazing things it is doing for your body. Although I had been feeling really great all day, once the workout started I felt like I had zero strength. But I made it through with only a few modifications and by dumping the last round. It was very challenging and I hope to post it as soon as I make a few changes.

Have you ever tried juicing?

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