Sunday, December 9, 2012

Juicing - The Cost

If you haven't visited in a while, I spent Thursday through Saturday doing what I like to call a 'reboot.' It consist of juicing fruits and veggies for every meal.

The question I get asked most after "Why?" (I think some people think I have some sort of body dysmorphic disorder and they need to tell me that I am not fat) is "Is juicing expensive?"

Well, all I can say is that it is relative. If you eat out at every meal, then it will be way cheaper than what you spend on your meals now. But if you are the queen of coupons and serve meals that consist of at least 50% pasta or other cheap filler, then you may have to shell out a bit more. Let me break down the cost of my three day fast for you.

I didn't get any fancy fruits or veggies because I knew I wouldn't be doing this for very long. I also only bought what was on sale, or at least was a decent price. I also take advantage of price matching at Wal-Mart.

Here is what I ate, and the prices:

Apples - 8 at $0.67 per pound (about 4 pounds) = $2.68
Cucumbers - 2 1/2 at $0.48 a piece = $1.20
Celery - 1 1/2 bushels at $1.48 each = $2.22
Spinach - About 1/2 bag at $2.38 a bag = $1.19
Frozen Mixed Fruit - About 1/2 a bat at $6.89 per bag = $3.45

Total cost: $10.74

I don't know about you, but I think that is pretty good for a total of nine meals.  It comes out to about $1.20 per meal! Score!!

I have read where people spend up to $18 a day to juice. I really don't understand how. They must be only getting the fancy fruit, organic, and just plain over-priced produce.

But even $18 a day (which is the highest I have ever seen anyone report on) is nothing compared to eating out every day. I know when Nathan and I go to a casual restaurant, we spend more than that for the two of us.

And think about all of the expensive things that you are avoiding. Like a heart attack. Those aren't cheap. Neither is diabetes! So shop smart, eat green, and stay alive!!

Healthy Holidays Everyone!! :)


  1. I used to juice, but I hate cleaning out the juicer! I tried a juice cleanse and didn't make it 24hrs... I was so hungry I was angry. lol...

    1. Cleaning the juicer is my least favorite part! And the first 24 hours are the worst for sure! It's always best to work your way up to a fast. Start adding a glass of juice to meals, and cut back on coffee and soda. Then when that isn't difficult anymore, go for it! :)
      Thanks for stopping by and thanks for commenting!