Thursday, November 15, 2012

Why I Don't Workout In The Morning

I have been hearing a lot of discussion lately about the benefits of working out in the morning. I get it, really I do. But I think there are a lot of benefits to working out in the evenings too.

Let me just take a moment to say, My Fitness Philosophy can be summed up in five words; Do What Works For You.

I love discussing different methods of staying fit and healthy. But at the end of the day, it doesn't matter which one is 'best.' It matters which one you will actually implement for the rest of your life. What fits into your life and makes you the best you you've ever been! It may not be what works for me, but if you are accomplishing your fitness dreams, keep going!

I am not trying to convince anyone that working out in the evenings is better than the mornings. But I do want to share with you some reasons I have decided to skip the oh-so-disciplined tradition of the 5am workout.

  • Time With My Hubby. If I workout at 5am every morning, you better believe I am going to bed by 9:30 every night. Is Nathan going to? Nope. He makes fun of me for going to bed before 11. If I did transition to morning workouts, he would be asleep when I am awake and I would be asleep when he is awake. Between working and school and church activities, we hardly see each other as it is. So it's not worth it to me. I usually workout when he is studying or at work.
  • Less Lethargic. I wouldn't say that I am not a morning person. But most mornings I do move about as fast as a three legged turtle. It just takes a while for all of my energy to realize that I am not in bed anymore! Oh crap! She's up! Let's go!! Morning workouts are slow and lazy for me. I have been told that you get over that with time, but I never did. In my pre-matrimony days, morning workouts worked well for my schedule. But I still think I workout harder after being awake for a while. 
  • Anticipation.Okay, so maybe I'm alone on this one, but I actually think about working out throughout my day. I will plan to do an old favorite circuit or write a new one to try out. I also like to spend my down time looking at workouts that other people are doing. I get a lot of inspiration this way. Nothing makes me look forward to a workout like seeing someone do something I have never done before! 
  • Less Stress.When I feel rushed in the morning, which I always do when I have to squeeze in a workout and a shower before work, I feel stressed all day. Again, this is something that most people get over with time and consistency. But I never quite did.
  • To Out Smart Myself. I am not very bright in the morning. Seriously. Like this morning I set my alarm to go off a half an hour early so I could surprise Nathan with a big breakfast and get dinner in the crock pot. (I'm so ambitious the night before) But when the bell rang, I just kept telling myself how quickly I could get all of those things done and that I could sleep a little longer. Of course by the time I got up there was no time for any of it. This happens a lot when I try to get up early for a workout. Plus, if my workout is scheduled for the morning, and I don't do it, chances are slim that I will make it up that afternoon.
  • Company. Most of my workout buds are much more likely to join me in the evenings rather than in the morning. It's human nature to sleep in the morning. Why fight it?
  • Anything Is Better Than Nothing. Bottom line? I enjoy evening workouts more. I am more likely to do them consistently. Even when other things get in the way, I always find time to make it happen. It Works For Me! =)

I hope you are doing what works for you and not falling victim to the idea that you have to work out like the fit people do in order to be fit! Just get up and do something! Have fun, make it happen, get after it, and be the best you you've ever been!

Do you workout in the mornings or evenings? Why or why not?


  1. I used to always work out in the morning so I can get it out of the way and start my day in a healthy way. But lately I've been trying to look at working out less as something "to get over with" and something to look forward to and have been enjoying my evening run more than ever!

    1. That's great! If you enjoy your workouts you are more likely to be consistent and push yourself which means more results faster! Great attitude! =)

  2. Wait...people willingly get up at 5:30? I didn't think anyone but bleary eyed parents of newborns and 8-5 city working slaves got up that early...

    1. Haha! I'm an 8 to 5-er and I don't even get up that early! That's just crazy!