Thursday, November 15, 2012

Plan To Be Surprised

Was a truer word ever spoken?

Every Wednesday (aka payday) I sit down with the local grocery store ads and my favorite recipes and plan our meals for the next week.

I plan our meals based on what's on sale and what's in my fridge that is about to go bad. I hate wasting food. When I get done I have something that looks like this....

But then some days, like yesterday, Nathan offers to get us some Chinese! No complaints here!

I try to make good decisions when eating out. I told the lady to give me whatever had the most vegetables. And she most certainly did.

Snow peas, carrots, celery, bamboo shoots, baby corn, and (unfortunately) water chestnuts and mushrooms. Blech!! But Nathan enjoyed those after I picked all of them out. And bonus! I had enough left over for lunch today!!

My trip to the grocery store was a very relaxed one. I actually really hate grocery shopping and consider it a spiritual discipline. But since my fridge still had quite a bit of food from last week, I got to spend this week's budget on little extras which made it much more pleasant.

Among the extra's was the one thing that gets me through the cold, harsh winter. This stuff is like gold to me.

And also some smell goods! Our new apartment has a subtle but noticeable lingering smell. I thought once we moved in 'our smell' would take over. But it hasn't. So I decided to buy some thing to help it along.

Now you have to understand, I am married to the pickiest man on the planet. He is extremely opinionated when it comes to scents. I stood in the candle isle for quite a while, nervously trying to find something I thought he would like. I decided on these three.

I figured he had to like at least one. So when I got home, I lit the oil warmer and started off with some Sunny Citrus Orchard.

He loved it. (I'm sure you were worried ;)

Do you enjoy grocery shopping?
Do you plan your meals ahead of time? Or just wing it?

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