Thursday, September 6, 2012

Snack Day

Oh somebody help me! My office has declared today "Snack Day"

We normally take one day every three months and celebrate all of the birthdays of those three months. We usually have a nice lunch and a birthday cake. I can handle that. One meal that is not-so-healthy and a piece of cake. Not too shabby.

But they decided to do something different this time. Instead of one big meal, everyone would bring snacks and we could all eat on them all day. Oh Lord give me strength.

I wanted to bring something healthy. But everything I could think of was pretty expensive or I just didn't think anyone would eat any.
So I decided to bring something cheap and healthy and dipped in chocolate. I realize that makes it not-so-healthy anymore, but I figure it's still better than something not healthy dipped in chocolate.

So here they are! Chocolate covered peanut butter bananas!!

Since we are celebrating birthdays, I even put some sprinkles on them to be festive!!

The Recipe

It seems strange to call this a recipe. I really didn't 'make' anything. And I am pretty sure you can figure out how to make them just by the picture. Let's think of this more as an idiot's guide to CCPBB!!

First I sliced my bananas and covered them with peanut butter.

Then I dipped them in melted chocolate almond bark and gave them a dash of sprinkles.
 Place them on parchment paper overnight to harden.

The End!!


The only thing I think I will do differently next time is to use chocolate chips. I always think almond bark will work best but then I am always disappointed with the taste. It is chocolate flavored, not chocolate. And I can tell the difference.

What is your favorite healthy snack? Do you think other people (who are maybe not so health conscience) would enjoy it too?

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