Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cauliflower Pizza

So last night I tried something new! Cauliflower pizza!!

I have to say, it shows promise.

I tried this recipe that I found on Pinterest.

It turned out pretty well but there are a few things I will be doing differently next time. But before I get ahead of myself, let's start and step one.

First, I had to 'rice' a cup of cauliflower, which means to grate it (or chop it) very finely and cook it in the microwave till it is extremely soft.

I realized after I cooked my cup of cauliflower, that I was supposed to measure a cup of cooked cauliflower. My cup cooked down to less than half a cup, so I started grating once again!!

Of course, there were the inevitable sacrifices.

I don't think I ever use my grater without scraping myself up a bit in the process.

Then I mixed my cup of cooked, riced cauliflower with one cup of cheese and one egg. It didn't look very appealing, but I soldiered on! I held out hope!!

Then I pressed it out onto an oiled pan.

Then I placed in a preheated oven and baked at 450* for ten minutes. The recipe said to bake for fifteen but I was glad I checked after ten cause it was already getting quite burned. Next time my plan is to try 375*.

Then I topped with sauce, Italian sausage, peppers, and mozzarella cheese. Then I placed it back in the oven on broil until everything was good and melted.

It got a little more burned under the broiler. But it was only on the outer edges, not the bottom.


But it did stick to the pan a lot more than I expected it to. I used olive oil so I really didn't see that one coming. But maybe it was due to the high heat. I will definitely be trying again at a lower heat.

The taste was fantastic!! I couldn't taste cauliflower at all! I love cauliflower but even I thought cauliflower on pizza would be way weird!! But it was really good. It didn't taste like pizza crust but it was still really tasty! I finished the whole thing by myself.

Ever tried cauliflower crust pizza?? What is something new you have tried lately?? 


  1. Ok I just wrote down the recipe for this earlier from another blog! I am so excited to try it!!

    1. I really like it! Just watch it closely so it doesn't burn! =)

  2. I keep hearing about this cauliflower crust! Thank you for the tipping on it sticking; maybe I'll use parchment beneath. Looks delicious!

    1. Oh parchment paper! What a good idea! I'm sure that will solve the problem!

  3. Cauliflower went on sale and I compulsively bought a TON of it! Now I know hoe to put it to good use! :) Thank you for the great idea!