Saturday, September 8, 2012

Am I The Only One Who.....?

Well Nathan and I have been married for just a little over a year now. YAY us! We have officially lasted longer than the majority of celebrity marriages!

Us on our honeymoon.

So we were talking a while back about all of the strange little things that we had to get used to after we were married. 
An engagement photo

Sharing your space with another person can be very interesting at times. I found myself not only noticing all of the strange things he did, but actually questioning little things that I, that's normal, right?

One of our very first dates

Am I the only one who...???
So I thought we could play a fun game! I am going to list some strange things that either Nathan or I do. In the comments below, you get to guess which one of us it is!! Then tell me whether or not you or your significant other do it too!

Us at MC conference



One of us.......

  • Pairs dirty socks to keep them from getting separated in the wash.
  • Has an unnatural disdain for drinking the last little bit out of a glass/mug. 
  • Is ethically opposed to making the bed.
  • kicks off their shoes while driving, walks into the house barefoot, and ends up with tons of shoes in the car.....
  • Puts empty egg shells back in the carton and back in the fridge. 
  • Talks like a little kid. A lot. 
  • Closes and locks the bathroom door even when no one else is home. 
  • Flosses before brushing.
  • Folds towels in thirds instead of squares.
  • Hangs jeans in the closet. 
  • Never shuts off the xbox/blue ray player. (But shuts off the tv)
  • Hates throw pillows.

 Okay! Good luck!! I will post the answers after I hear a few responses! Feel free to comment with your strange habits or your spouse's/roommate/etc.

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