Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Whoa, Things Just Got Real

A friend of mine put up an excellent blog post the other day. She pointed out how social media like Facebook has us all comparing our everyday to others highlights in life. I can honestly say I do the same thing in the blogging world. Some of these ladies seem perfect! They eat right everyday and workout like it's their oxygen. I think I do good most of the time, but I am not on their level by any means.

So she broke it down and confessed some of those not-so-facebook-appropriate-moments. Read her post here. Thanks Amy!!

I want to do the same. Here are my status updates if I had to put everything on Facebook (or this blog, which to be honest, does not always get the whole story).

  • I wore dirty slacks to work today because I couldn't find either shirt that matched my clean slacks. (not today, but would have been the post that day.... you get it ;] )

  • I forgot my lunch today and I will be eating cheap, unhealthy fast food. And I won't be posting that to my blog. (whoops!)

  • I haven't done dishes in three days. (which isn't that bad because of my next status.....)

  • I haven't cooked dinner in three days.

  • I have only done one of this week's workouts. Actually I only finished half of it.

  • My Tupperware from Monday's lunch is still in my car.

  • I wore broken shoes to work for two days until I got paid and could get new ones.

  • I forgot to turn the phones off of night mode when I got to work. I sat their for 45minutes wondering why we hadn't gotten any calls yet that morning.

I'm sure there are many, many more that I will think of throughout the day. I may just start being brutally honest and post some of these on Facebook anyway! Maybe it will make someone else feel better if they can see just how much I don't have my life together.

What would be your best-worst status of the week?

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