Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Dress, The Week, The Black Hole

So I need to vent for a moment.

I am a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding this weekend. I ordered the dress weeks ago, and from the start there was trouble.

First I called in my measurements over the phone. They said I would need a size 24. Excuse me?

So I told them I would come in and get it figured out. They measured me themselves and even though their measurements were the same or bigger, they said that I would need a 16. Better. But NO.

So I asked if I could try one one. I mean I am paying $150 for this thing. I want it to fit.

It was way too big. Bring me a 14.

It was way too big. Bring me a 12.

"Oh, no a 14 will be perfect! They can just take in all of this here and it will fit just fine!"

Or you could get me the size I actually wear.

So she reluctantly brought me a 12.

It was too big. Bring me a 10.

"Oh, no. The dress you are ordering is different, it runs smaller, you will need a 12 in it. We don't have any here in the store, but I know you will need a 12."

I want a 10.

"We can always take it in if it's too big but they are harder to let out if they are too small."

I want a 10.

"We will order you a 12. It will fit the best"


*Several Weeks Later* (yesterday)

"Are you doing alright in there?"

It's too big. I told you it would be too big and it's too big.

"Oh we will just alter it."

You will alter it for free.

After some fighting (I was nice, I promise) they are going to alter it for free. And guess what? All the other bridesmaids had the same experience. Everyone had to have the dresses altered. My guess is that they sell them to you too big on purpose, so they can make extra money on the alterations. Well not for this bridesmaid!!

I mean, I have had to fight to be able to wear a 10. I have had to fight my entire adult life in order to be able to wear a 10! But I have NEVER had to fight to BUY a size 10. That was ridiculous. 

Any who.....

This week and weekend is not going to be my best. I skipped out on working out last night. After the dress fight, I headed out (late) to volunteer and was there all night. I also skipped dinner (waaaa!!). By the time I got home I just wanted to be in bed.

The rest of the week will be much the same. I have a small sliver of hope to be able to workout tonight, but I am too smart to think I will on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. They have my schedule packed with wedding day fun!! It will be great!=)

Post Script - I wear a size 8, so even if I had bought the 10 I probably would have still had to have alterations. I may have even paid for them without a fuss. Oh well, their loss.

Ever been in a wedding before? Did you have any Dress Drama?? What were some fun pre-wedding day activities??


  1. Ahh, that happened to me, only in reverse! I called in my measurements, but I measured the wrong place on my chest, dress was too small in the chest, and had to be let out, it left too small of a seam the day of the wedding and when I sat down after the ceremony, the boning ripped right though the dress! Luckily there was a same color fabric lining that helped so you couldn't really tell!

    1. Oh, man. Too small would be worse than too big!! But it was seriously too big. Like take two steps and it was down! (it is strapless) I would feel more secure in a towel!! But it's getting taken care of so no worries!=)
      Thanks for commenting!=)