Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rain - yes. Tornadoes - NO

My favorite part of Monday is my workout. After letting myself rest on Sunday I am ready to get back in the groove. It's also arm day which is my favorite!
So yesterday I did Tank Top Arms workout yet again. I haven't strayed from it since I made it. Sometimes I don't count reps, I do RUF (reps until failure). And sometimes I do each pair of exercises as a superset, then do pushups and move onto the next superset. But no matter how I do it I stick with these moves and I am loving the results! I did however substitute the upright rows for a move that Nathan showed me. I took them out because I could tell my neck was getting thick. I am not okay with that, so out they went! I am not sure if the move he showed me has a name but it is supposed to get rid of the flab right under the back of my underarm. I am okay with that! I will find out or figure out a name for it and explain it soon. Especially if I see results from it.

I didn't walk yesterday. It kept threatening to rain. The frustrating part is that it never did actually rain. A few hopeful drops here and there but no rain. I just didn't want to be a mile or so away from home and find myself in a storm. Rain I can handle, but this time of the year we don't get rain. We get tornadoes. And they come with or without warning. The equation was perfect for a tornado last night so I stayed in. Hopefully I can venture out later today and make up for it.

 I was not much in a cooking mood last night so I had my leftover tuna salad. Nathan had to fend for himself, poor guy. I got hungry a bit later and had some oats with peanut butter, honey and a few chocolate chips. A wonderful treat/dessert without guilt.

Do you walk/run in the rain?
What do you do for dinner when you don't want to cook?

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