Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back Online

Well after a crazy wedding weekend and technical difficulties this week, I am ready to jump back into the world wide web of blogging once more!!

We had such a great time this weekend!! Bachelorette parties!! Bridal showers! Downtown Dinning! And a wedding! So much fun.

For the bachelorette party we all headed out to a Creperie. Yep, a place that makes crepes. Lots of them.
The Aviary.....

I should have taken more pictures.... It had a cute bird theme to the whole restaurant. It was adorable!

I got a farm fresh chicken crepe. Yum-O!! Lots of veggies and tender chicken. It almost had a chicken-pot-pie taste to it, but much lighter. Wonderful=)

I won't post pictures of everything I ate while the internet was down, but this was the average dinner this week......

Some sort of chicken (buffalo in this pic), a bunch of veggies (Brussels sprouts here but usually broccoli and cauliflower), and usually some other side item (here a garden pasta).

I did try something fun this week! A peanut butter and chocolate milk shake!! With no ice cream or white sugar!!

I basically used the concept of the banana soft serve that has been floating around on pinterest. I threw a frozen, chopped up banana, a HUGE spoonful of peanut butter, a squirt of honey, some cocoa powder, and a splash of milk in the blender. It was delish! Ice cream is my weakness and this really hit the spot! Yum-o!!

My workouts have not varied much either.... but I think I am ready for them to! I have my ears to the ground for some new, refreshing, at-home, no equipment needed workouts.

Can't let my self get bored and quit!!

There is also a great possibility that I will be getting my new running shoes this week! I can't wait!

Ever eaten a Crepe??


  1. There is a place in Providence RI that my boyfriend I love to visit when we got there, its called the creperie and its fabulous! There is also one in Saratoga NY called ravenous, and my best friend and I go there all the time when I visit too!

  2. I had one at a pancake house before this trip and it was just not good at all. I was kind of bummed out when they said that this is where we were going. But I was really impressed! It was so light and fluffy and full of flavor! Yum-O!! =)