Thursday, August 9, 2012

Things My Kids Won't Recognize

Lunch Lunch Lunch!! NOM! NOM! NOM!!!

Okay so I was just a little bit STARVING by lunch time today. No protein breakfast for me this morning and I was feeling it!

Unfortunately, I did not get around to my grocery shopping yesterday. So did I have anything to pack for lunch? No I did not. Ugghh.....

But never fear! That's what apples are for! Slap on some peanut better and you've got a meal fit for a... well.... a crazy lady who didn't pack a lunch and doesn't want to get fat. Yea. That's about right.

Oh and did I have a pile of Cheeze its??? Why Yes. Yes I did.

Random question: Why do they even still make phone books?

We had 24 phone books delivered to our office today. An office that, might I add, only has 17 employees.... oh brother....

First of all I doubt that anyone will ever use one in the first place, but even if they do, are they all going to use it at the same time? Could we not all just share one??

All. Those. Trees.

I got to thinking, with the internet and smart phones and all of our modern conveniences, there are going to be so many things that are a normal part of our world, that my kids won't even recognize.

I think phone books are one of them. I mean when was the last time you used one?

I think maps will be another. Not maps in general, but road maps that people used to keep in their glove boxes.

Oh and calculators!! Every phone in the world has one already on it, so does every computer. And now google offers a scientific calculator. Those things are so expensive! Why buy one when you could just hope on line and use one there?

I think the morning paper is dwindling too. I don't get one at my house but we get one here at the office, and I must say, by the time I get here in the morning to read it, I have usually already heard the news from TV or news websites.

But I think this is terribly sad because I love the funnies! My day is just not the same without them.

What do you think will be out of date when the generation being born now are all grown up??


  1. well one thing that i just found out they don't make anymore is encyclopedias! i was at my parents house and my dad told me to look something up in the encyclopedia. it's been forever since i saw a set of those, ha! it was so weird opening it up and searching for my topic. we're so used to googling anything we want to read about these days.

    1. So true! Could you imagine being a door to door encyclopedia salesman now-a-days?? I remember them coming to our house when I was a kid and we even bought a set! Now you would get laughed out of town!! It's so strange because it wasn't even that long ago! Things change fast!=)