Friday, July 20, 2012

Cold, Tired, Thirsty, All Together Whiny

First of all, it is in the upper 90's today, why am I always so cold?? The thermostat says it is 72 in my office. That should keep me warm enough. But no. I would just turn the temp up, but the thermostat controls another office that feels the need to have fans on at 72* so I don't think they would be too happy.... Cardigans are a good look for July, right? ; )

I read all the time that lack of sleep is tied to weight gain and I totally agree. There are two ways to fuel our bodies; Sleep and Food. My lack of sleep is making me want to eat everything in sight!! I had to slap my wrist to keep myself out of the office snacks. I like to refer to it as the "Calorie Cabinet." It's filled with Pop-tarts, doughnuts, Twinkies, chips, snack-cakes, and the deceiving "granola bar" (more like a candy bar with oats in it). But I was good!! My lunch was a salad, string cheese, and the yogurt I was supposed to have on my morning break (which never happened). I was so hungry!!

And of course the funnies.

I am way behind on my water for today. The water cooler is dry and the sink water tastes really bad. I am drinking it anyway, but not nearly as fast as I should be.

Half way through the day! When I get home, I am taking a nap! That hasn't happened in forever!!=)

Am I the only one who gets cold at 72*? What is the ideal temp for you?

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