Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pre-New Year's Resolutions

Hey everyone!

Long time no type right?

Well things are going so well here! I have been busy building my schedule as a personal trainer with Gold's Gym and supplementing my income through a wellness company.

Its getting cold here in the mountains! Which got me to thinking about the upcoming holidays and how we all struggle through the sweet treats and lazy bones that come with cold weather and Christmas trees.

I know my own personal pattern has been to stumble through, maybe gain a few pounds and then hit the ground running on the first of the year! Anybody with me?

So I decided to take some action now! I have created a Facebook support group! Members are committed to staying fit through the holidays to get a jump start on the new year! Whether your goal is weight loss, increasing physical fitness, learn more about vitamins and supplements, or just getting to January without a belly that shakes like a bowl full of jelly, this group is for you!

Everyday I will post tips, recipes, workouts, or a challenge to help keep you on track! If you are interested in joining, comment below or email me at

Healthy Holidays!!!

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