Wednesday, July 31, 2013

To Anyone Still Out There....

For anyone who may still be following this less than intriguing blog, I've got some BIG news for you!

I Passed!! 

Oh yeah! I am now officially a Certified Personal Trainer!! 

I headed out to take my test this morning feeling very sure that I would in fact, BOMB the whole thing. Even after taking time off of blogging to dedicate to studying, I still felt grossly under-prepared. 

It didn't help that every single review I read for the test portrayed it as nearly impossible to pass on the first try. That combined with the many life changes we have gone through during the months that I should have been studying had me convinced that this was just going to be a practice run for me, and that I would have to re-test after more study. 

But praise the Lord!! I passed! 

I would highly recommend NASM to anyone who is interested in furthering their health and fitness education. The materials where very easy to understand and interesting and all of the information was very up-to-date and consistent with the ideas and attitudes of the health and fitness culture. 

Having your CPT with NASM can open doors for employment opportunities in many areas of the health and fitness industry! If you have any questions about my NASM experience feel free to comment below or shoot me an email! And if you do enroll in the course be sure and mention me and the blog! I appreciate your support!! 

Stay healthy! :)


  1. Awesome! Congrats!!! I'm so glad for you that it worked out the first time you took it! How is everything going in CO? Loving it I bet ;)

    1. I really do love it here!! It's so beautiful! You should come visit! I start personal training at Gold's gym tomorrow at 5:30 am!!! I am super excited but also very nervous!! Happy Anniversary by the way :)