Saturday, January 26, 2013

Goodbye Truck

Today we sold Nathan's Durango!!

Fair thee well old friend!!

Normally I would not be so excited about this. I tend to develop emotional attachments to inanimate objects and struggle to part with them. But this time is different!!

Although this has been a great truck and having two cars is always more convenient, I am still uber excited cuz I know this is one of the steps!!

We decided we would sell the truck before going to Colorado and get a new vehicle for him there. It's over 1,000 miles to get there and we estimated that it would cost about $200 just to drive it there..... That's about 10% of what the whole thing is worth!!

So the anticipation is building as we make more and more decisions based around Colorado. I can't wait!! :)

We sent it off in style with a fancy breakfast!!

I had an open face egg, cheese, and bacon sandwich and a banana.

And the best part..... fresh orange juice!!


Hello Vitamin C!! And thank you for keeping that nasty flu away!! :)

Yesterday's Workout

  • 30 min 1.8 miles on the elliptical (I still think the distance is off on the elliptical at my gym)
  • 2 round of Guns and Buns 

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