Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cheese Stuffed and Bacon Wrapped

Is there anyone on the entire planet who doesn't like bacon? Oh sure, I know there are vegetarians and vegans and those who just don't eat pork. But I know I personally have never met anyone who bit into a crunchy, moist and flavor packed strip and crinkled their nose in disgust.  It just taste good. And it smells ridiculously comforting!! I know in our house, if I fry it up in a skillet, it gets eaten piece by piece while the others are frying and by the time the meal is ready, there is no more bacon. And if I buy a pack of it for a specific recipe, I have to guard it with my life!

Well these chosen few pieces lasted long enough to be used in the heroic rescue of a boring chicken breast. Way to serve fellas.

This was a very easy fix but oh so yummy! There are a lot of possibilities too. You can change it up and just use whatever you happen to have.

Stuff it with cheese (whatever way you prefer, pound it thin and roll it up or make a small cut and cut almost all the way through, I usually cut. It's faster.), wrap it in bacon, season it with whatever you like, cover it with foil and bake! (@375 for about 45 min.)

I used pepper jack and cheddar cheese. I have also used mozzarella and spinach which was spectacular!!

I topped mine with some avocado. Nathan was a little weirded-out by that but I found avocados for 25 cents a piece so I have been putting them on everything!

Last night I did Julie's Decem-buurrr workout for the #elf4health challenge of the day.

DecemBURRR Circuit Workout
I did two rounds and spent some time on the elliptical. Can I just say that I hate burpees? Cuz I do.

We also went to see a drive-through Christmas Lights Display. We had a whole truck load of people which made it a lot of fun! Other than that there is not a whole lot to be said for it, other than that is was kind of pricey.

I did appreciate the 'Healthy Holiday's' that I saw from time to time.

And the reindeer and Santa are getting pumped up this year!!

Some of the lights were just strange. Like this one that we never really did figure out. Nathan said it looked like a gorilla taking a poo.... boys..... Any other ideas?!?!

I also got this in the mail! I am super pumped that the wonderful people at KlutchClub sent me this box to review. I will let you know about all of the goodies inside next week!

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!

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