Friday, November 30, 2012


I really don't know how many post I am going to write about wrapping gifts. And it's not even December yet!

But last night was so much fun!

Part of our duties on the Married Student Council is to give each child of the married students a gift at Christmas. Last night we went shopping and then did some wrapping!!

The Food

Breakfast was an old favorite, a sliced banana and peanut butter. Classic.

Lunch was a beautiful Feta/Crasin/Almond Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing. I love these flavors together! I made up a big bowl of it to keep in the fridge and I just can't get enough!

Dinner was A Philly Cheese Steak Skillet Dinner. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite dishes!

 The Workout

Since I had so much to do yesterday I opted for a workout that would get done quickly and wouldn't cause a lot of sweat and stink (I had to go to the store right after).

I did the entire workout and then did round two in reverse order. It was great! I used challenging weights and really pushed myself. I know I will feel it in the morning.

Let's Talk About It

What Christmas activities are you preparing for? What is your current favorite dinner?

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