Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Oh man was I feeling good!

Dinner was super green; a huge salad, a side of steamed veggies, and a grilled chicken breast with some Bar-B-Q sauce.

Workout was intense; one round of Tank Top Arms, a two mile walk to come, and then another round to finish everything off.

Music was boomin; ever hear of 116 Clique? Love working out to them. If you don't have them, get them!!

1.43 Miles in and I see the all too familiar security SUV.

Fortunately, this handsome guy was driving it.

(I had to use an old pic, he wouldn't let me take his picture. Man I miss my long hair....)

Yes he was called into work last night.

As I was out walking, he decided to come say hi. (A very good decision)

But then I decided to go and keep him company. *sigh*
So I didn't get to finish my walk or do the second round of arms. But I did get to spend the evening with my hubby. So it's all good=)

I rocked out a healthy breakfast this morning!!
Good old fashion eggs!! So yummy.

I also packed a lovely salad for lunch. =)

I try to stay focused and determined in my workouts. They are a huge priority for me. But there are other priorities in my life too.
What interruptions do you allow when working out?

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