Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Life's Too Short To Drink Cheap Coffee

As I typed the title of today's post I looked down and realized that I have a cup of very cheap coffee sitting on my desk right in between my typing hands. When they say 'fresh ground' sometimes they just mean dirt.

Anyway, the title has little to do with the coffee that I am drinking this morning and more to do with some 'home improvements' that were made to our tiny homestead last night.

In preparation of a move across the country and in hopes of buying our own home soon after, Nathan and I decided to downgrade some things to save up the funds needed for these dreams. The biggest thing (and now the smallest) was our apartment.

We moved into a teeny weeny apartment on campus to take advantage of the incredible deal offered to married students.

I mean small.

Like, Nathan-hit-his-elbow-on-the-ceiling-while-combing-his-hair kind of small.

But I love it! Simply for the fact that I know it is going to get us where we want to be sooner.

As is the case with most apartments, we are not allowed to paint. Which isn't a big deal. but most of the walls are cement blocks (I know, ghetto ;) so we can't hang anything up either. (yes I know we can use command hooks but you can usually see them, which I don't love.)

So I bought a wall decal!
It came in the mail yesterday and I love it! 

 I also purchased a large tree to place next to it. It isn't here yet but soon!

While I was shopping online for it, I fell in love with this one...

Even though this was not a cement block wall, it was too perfect to pass up!

And so was this one...

So sweet.....

I have a couple more coming and I can hardly wait! They look so great and I was surprised at how easy they were to put up. The one on the cement wall took some patience because of all the little grooves in the wall and the thinner calligraphy. But it was worth it! The others went up in no time and look like they were painted right on the wall! Love it :)

Dinner was my favorite 'splurge' meal. Quesadillas!Before I left for work in the morning I threw two chicken breast in the crock pot with some chili powder, cumin, and a can of rotel. Then used it to make the best quesadillas you will ever have! With guacamole and sour cream of course! Holy yum!!

Have you done any home improvements lately? Ever lived in a tiny apartment?


  1. I have lived in MANY a small places :) My husband and I, along with our 75-pound dog, currently live in an 800 square foot condo. It isn't SUPER small but it definately isn't spacious either. The thing I dislike the most about small spaces is the lack of storage. I could use so many more kitchen gadgets but have no space for them! On a positive note, it does save me money :)

    1. Oh my goodness! I couldn't imagine having a dog in our apartment right now!
      We have had to get creative with storage, pinterest has been a great help! We even built a closet on one of our walls because ours was too small.
      Thanks for commenting! :)