Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tri, Tri Again

Yesterday's workout was so much fun! I have been reading some of my favorite blogger's recaps about their workout at Cross Fit One and I have been loving the idea of rotating through different exercises as a team and reaching a collective goal!

So I got a couple friends together to give it a try for myself. We are not CrossFit beasts by any means! And everyone is at different fitness levels, so I wanted to write a workout that would be challenging for everybody, but that everyone could participate in.

This is what I came up with!

Oh man it was killer! We also added the rule that if anyone dropped their weight/wall sit/lateral raise, then everyone had to do 10 burpees at the end. Fortunately, no one did and there were no burpees!!

It was easy to customize this to each fitness level. One friend only held 40 lbs, some of us held weights on the squats, some didn't, some did push ups on their knees, some didn't do a full wall sit, etc.

But I promise, everyone was pushing themselves and sweating up a storm! I bet I am not the only one feeling it this morning!

When we finished, Nathan and I had dinner and then headed out to GNC. I usually stop in when I go to the mall but I very rarely go to the mall. Then, last night I realized that there is one in the shopping center just down the street from our house! Score!

I wanted to get some multivitamins and Nathan wanted some new Protein Powder. The sales associate actually goes to school with Nathan and he was very helpful.

He found what Nathan wanted and it was even on sale!

I am still not too used to spending so much on protein powder. I usually just get the very basic kind that is $20 at most. But he is a bit more serious about muscle building so I think it is worth the investment.

My vitamins were on sale too, kind of!

I had to laugh when the sales associate pointed them out to me. Do I look like I am over fifty?  But then he explained that they were not very different from the Women's active formula that I was wanting (which was not on sale). They have a little less calcium but then come with a supplementary calcium pill.

Save $40 and get more calcium? Sign me up!

And the more I thought about it the more I was happy with this decision. My family has a history of getting osteoporosis very early in life and most of the ladies in my family have a hump on their backs. I would love to avoid that.

We also decided to become card carrying members!

With this card, we will save 20% on every purchase made in the first week of every month, and we saved 15% on our current purchase. We had a great salesman who pointed out that with our 15% savings we would only be paying about $4 to sign up for a year. Savings, savings, savings!!

They also had some samples of vitamin chews that we tried while he rang up our purchases.

Nathan didn't like them at all! I thought they tasted like a dry Star-burst candy. I liked them though! It would be such a fun way to get your vitamins in everyday.

While we were busy critiquing the samples and getting distracted by more friends who happened to come in the store (Nathan knows everybody), our wonderful salesmen was busy loading us up with other free samples!

Check out all we got!!

They were almost all for muscle building so basically for Nathan. But I will be trying a couple of them if I can beat him to them! I will let you know what we think of them.

Well it's almost Thanksgiving! I hope you are busy with your loved ones and all the food you are preparing! So much fun to be had! I have mentioned before, but we have already had our Thanksgiving so this will just be a nice, long, relaxing weekend. Kind of like a vacation that you stay home for. It's a stay-cation!!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving! Indulge a little and stay active!

I was in no way compensated for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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